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Ludeborough, a historic New England town, is home to about 1,683 residents. Here you can explore the renowned Wapack National Wildlife Refuge located just 15 minutes away. Other common attractions include; Citizens’ Hall, Hartshorn Memorial Cannon, and Lafayette Artillery Company.

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Civil War Re enactment - Union DrummerLyndeborough has strong ties to the Civil War and many still participate in annual re-enactments. The Hartshorn Memorial Cannon has been a big part of the town's culture and is the center of Memorial Day celebrations. The town is committed to preserving its historical roots and monuments and historic architecture can be found throughout the town. 


Although there are no restaurants located in Lyndeborough, residents often drive to nearby Milford for their dining needs. 

Deer in a FieldRecreation

Established in 1972, the Wapack National Wildlife Refuge is a favorite hiking spot for Lyndeborough residents. Wapack is a 1,672-acre refuge and is a popular area for hawk migrations. Deer, coyotes, bear, foxes, and weasels also call the refuge home. 


Students in Lyndeborough attend SAU 63 schools with Wilton students.

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